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Family Story from the CHIP Annual Report

Success Story


When I first started at CHIP I received a referral for a woman named Paula. She was interested in the program because she had custody of her 4 year old granddaughter and wanted to be up to date on the latest developmental information. Paula also needed a little motivation of her own. She was stuck in a rut and had been for some time. Paula had just lost her job as a Certified Nurses Assistant and was having trouble finding another job. She was living with her sister and had to apply for TANF due to the loss of her job. When I first met Paula I knew she would do great things. She was very receptive to all the information I brought her. She always had a smile on her face, even though things weren’t always going her way.


After a few months of looking for a job, Paula finally found one in a nursing home, doing the same work she had done before. Paula was able to save some money so she would not have to continue relying on her TANF check. While Paula was in CHIP she accomplished three of her goals! 1: to find a job. 2: to not have to rely on TANF anymore. 3: to find her own apartment.


Paula had been doing so well that she was able to move out of her sister’s home into her own apartment. She moved to a place in Virginia Beach because it was closer to her job. Therefore, Paula is no longer in CHIP. The day she found an apartment she called me to thank me for everything CHIP had done for her and her granddaughter. Paula said that our program gave her the push she needed to get things done.


Paula spoke so highly of CHIP to her daughter that her daughter decided she would also like the extra information and support. I was lucky enough to become her daughter’s worker. Paula’s daughter is able to give me updates on how Paula and her granddaughter are doing. It sounds like she is continuing on a successful path.


Author:  Lindsay Kravitz, FCS

              Employed at CHIP since July 2011




Once upon a time- January 12, 2011 to be exact- there were two “CHIP MOMS” living in the same house. One CHIP Mom (Haydee) was actually the parent of the other CHIP Mom (Kiara).  CHIP Mom Haydee had a son and CHIP Mom Kiara had a daughter. CHIP Mom Haydee was not working or going to school. CHIP Mom Kiara was working part-time. Neither CHIP child was in daycare at the time. One day CHIP Mom Haydee woke up and said, “There is more to life than this. I need to get out and get on with my life.” CHIP Mom Haydee had been dealing with personal issues that had caused her to become very isolated. But one that particular day CHIP Mom Haydee made a decision that dramatically changed her life. CHIP Mom Haydee went on to enroll in Rudy & Kelly Academy and will graduate soon as a Professional Stylist.


In the meantime CHIP Mom Kiara, with a lot of encouragement and support from CHIP Mom Haydee decided that she too had too much talent and drive to let the world pass her by. So CHIP Mom Kiara got in gear and recently got a full-time job, her driver’s license and a car. She actually had the car “before” she got her license. At our last meeting on February 2, 2012 CHIP Mom Kiara had an application to get her own apartment! As if this isn’t great news all by itself, CHIP Mom Kiara designs and makes baby clothes, makes jewelry (you should see those sunglasses she made with the ice cream cones), makes desserts, provides beauty and style tips and she does nails under the moniker of “Khloie’s Candy Shoppe”.™ CHIP Mom Kiara’s next venture is to apply for a business license and find a location to set up shop.


CHIP Mom Haydee graduated from the program but CHIP Mom Kiara is still with us. Both CHIP Mom Haydee and CHIP Mom Kiara talked about a partnership where CHIP Mom Haydee will design and sell clothes so you’ll have something to wear with all those accessories you’ll be able to purchase from “Khloie’s Candy Shoppe”.™  And the children? Both are in daycare!


Author: Vendetta Reynolds, FCS

              Employed at CHIP since 1/4/2011